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  "What really impressed us was their ability to relate the function and purpose of a web site, as it applied to our business, real estate."

J. Michael Franklin, Owner
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Lest there be any misunderstanding, it should be pointed out that a great deal of consulting is provided automatically as part and parcel to the other areas of our work. TC Concepts never charges its clients for bids or estimates, or for the consulting that naturally occurs in conjunction with any actual project it is conducting. For that matter, to date, we have never charged an active client for any advice that he has sought from us, whether it be in connection with an existing TC Concepts activity or not.

This page, therefore, is really only practical as a guide for those looking to obtain consultation services outside the scope of other activity that TC Concepts may be performing. Usually, this would mean that the client has contracted TC Concepts solely for consulting purposes. And in that context, there are several possibilities.

Why Hire a Consultant?

In virtually every case, the purpose of hiring a consultant is to take advantage of his knowledge (or his ability to obtain certain knowledge) without having to share his experience in gaining that expertise. The common thinking is that the consultant's knowledge is worth something; and that, while the consultant may indeed charge a fee, the cost is negligible compared to the time and/or money that would need to be expended to gain that knowledge otherwise.

Where Do They Come From?

Most consultants are the product of their particular industries, drawn into consulting capacities by the necessity of others, while at the same time continuing to pursue their own industry activity. Sometimes they move away from their "regular" employment to work solely in the field of consultation. Then there are those who have gained their knowledge by specifically training for work as consultants. Tax advisors, insurance brokers, IRA salespeople and others often fit this role. And, of course, there are those in between, who have been intimately involved in a particular industry, but who have gained much of their knowledge within the consulting capacity itself, even while perhaps working outside the industry or activity for which their knowledge is being sought. In all of these, there is also tangential knowledge gained while working in a consulting capacity that may not even be related to the primary industry.

The Role of TC Concepts

TC Concepts embodies several of these types. With roots in the advertising and marketing industries, we have never "moved away" from that field. We continue to provide consulting services that are related to these areas while maintaining a position in the industry itself. However, we have also gained a great deal of experience via the activity of consulting in areas that are otherwise remote. Combined, these different, yet complementary areas can be labeled under the heading of business development.

Business Development Consulting

Within the context of traditional (non-web) applications, TC Concepts has provided business development consulting services that have consistently saved its clients time, aggravation, and money. From small business start-ups needing the very basics of legal, promotional, and tax information, to larger organizations analyzing their expansion options, TC Concepts has either provided the necessary solution or given the proper direction to that end.

As our clients will attest, TC Concepts has often made the difference between a healthy beginning or a "false start"; between a successful campaign or a waste of time and money. Our consulting services can be preliminary measures to a larger promotion, or stand-alone service in a particular time of need.

Internet Consulting

By browsing the pages of this website, you can get a fairly good picture of the different areas for which TC Concepts can offer professional web-based consulting services. Whether it be technical advice regarding your base of operation, or long or short-term promotional consulting, TC Concepts can provide you with clear answers or point you in the right direction for receiving those answers. Knowing what to expect and the options that are available for dealing with each situation can often be the key to avoiding a failed campaign.

There may also be questions or concerns that you never considered asking. TC Concepts can provide warnings along the way that will allow you to make realistic assessments and budget-conscious decisions. For example, knowing ahead of time what probably won't work in a particular situation can save you a lot of aggravation down the road, while at the same time protecting your investment as you work to adjust your strategy.

In any endeavor, the approach you establish at the outset can often dictate your probability of success. Thus, an initial consultation is advisable prior to launching any new promotion. Once launched, your web-based activity will often need to be fine-tuned or revamped or, in rare cases, abandoned. Having the benefits of a consultant can save you a great deal of time, money and energy along the way.


Consultation can be contracted on either an as needed, per project or full retainer basis and conducted by phone, email or in person (or some combination). So, whether you need our assistance as you plot a detailed strategy, or just want to pick our brains from time to time, there is an option available.

In each case you will be billed for actual time, even though in some cases a bid may be submitted for estimated time. Understand that specific research performed in conjunction with consultation is considered a part of the consulting service. Finally, regardless of the option(s) chosen, you will need to first establish an account with TC Concepts. This can be handled either through email or by contacting us by phone at 936-443-1969.

As Needed

If you would just like to be able to call us up on an as needed basis, the fee is $75/hour, with a minimum of one hour. More often than not, we will want to set up a time to conduct the discussion either directly or by telephone conference. Nevertheless, email consultation is certainly available. Just keep in mind that it takes longer to type than to talk.

Per Project

Per project consultation is exactly what it sounds like. If you have a project and know that you're going to want a consultant either on a regular basis or at various times throughout the process, you can contract TC Concepts on a per project basis. Usually, this involves an estimate of the number of hours (minimum of ten) for which our services will be required. A 50% retainer (based on the estimated time) is required in advance, and the rate is reduced to $60/hour. The balance is due at the completion of the project or when the estimated time has been consumed, whichever comes first.

Full Retainer

TC Concepts consulting services can also be contracted on a full retainer basis. Essentially, this amounts to purchasing blocks of time in advance. An itemized statement will reflect the time consumed and a renewal notice will be sent out when the time remaining falls below a mutually agreed upon point. The rates are $50/hour with a minimum of twenty hours, and $45/hour with a minimum of fifty hours or more. To be eligible for these discounts, all fees must be pre-paid in full.

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