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TC Concepts owns and operates a number of Internet advertising forums that you can use to your promotional advantage. Covering a wide range of both general and specific areas, each has a unique place within the TC Concepts family of web promotions. Rate information can be found on our Promotion page, or by visiting the forum itself and following the corresponding link for "Advertising".

Below you will find brief summaries of the various projects and forums that TC Concepts manages, along with proposed actvities and other projects we've produced. Clicking on any of the links will open a new browser window. When you have finished browsing a site, simply close out that window, and you will be returned to this page.

Projects features a network of specialists available to provide guidance on any number of issues and subjects. As more and more people begin to learn that information is not the same thing as insight, will be there to provide the real solutions they're looking for. Ease of operation, direct communication, comfortable site design and flexible, competitive system give a distinct advantage in the new online solutions market.
 Real help from real people
 Never get disconnected again?  Find out . . . join The Loop!
The Loop is a project in every sense of the word. At this point, we have no idea how well it will work or, for that matter, if it will work at all. The concept is simple. Through a series of virtually identical refreshing pages -- spread across three separate domains -- the loop keeps a visitor's browser active. Theoretically, this will help to keep him from being disconnected from his ISP if such ISP employs time-out mechanisms. Whether it works or not remains to be seen. However, it's a really friendly page anyway, and some people may like it as a Start Page. Advertisers will like it because for one fee, their ads can be seen again and again . . . and again . . . and again . . .

Coming Soon - The perfect address for your Texas-based business. - Interactive network for "techie" job listings. - Community webpages, searchable by zip code. - Brokerage interface for reciprocal links.


Greatlynx is TC Concepts' portal to the Internet, providing a user-friendly interface for people wishing to navigate the Internet quickly and efficiently. With Headline News, Award Sites, a Tools page, and a streamlined Search page, greatlynx is the perfect starting point for the "Best of The Web". It also offers visitors an inside look at the pros and cons of proprietary online services, and step-by-step instructions for how to get set up with true Internet access, including what to look for in an ISP. From an advertising perspective, it is ideal for banner ads, as many people continue to make greatlynx their Start Page.
The Conroe Cyber Mall is a local information and advertising forum for the Conroe, Texas and surrounding Montgomery County area. Offering classifieds, display ads and banners, it is the premier website for both the personal and business community in this expanding market.
With the goal of achieving exhaustive coverage, Ultimate Online Music ventures to promote the broadest range in music-related topics, including music search by genre, online ordering of CDs and cassettes, artist and group links, lyrics, sheet music, instruments and equipment, concert tickets, reviews, interviews, biographies and more. With two mirrors (at and, advertisers get three times the exposure.
TC Concepts is honored to host The Big Fringe, now located on its own domain at The Big Fringe is somewhat of a tribute to all of those wacky, weird and wonderful alternative sites that make the Internet so interesting in the first place. Advertising options include both banner ads and text links and prospects can be targeted by area of interest.

The Huntsville Cyber Mall
The Huntsville Cyber Mall is a networking affiliate with TC Concepts, operated by former contractors of The Conroe Cyber Mall. It is similar in many respects to CCM, focusing on the Huntsville, Texas and Walker County area.


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