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TC Concepts is a full service ad agency based in Conroe, Texas -- about 35 miles north of Houston, Texas. In operation since 1990, our clientele have ranged from small family-run shops to large corporate industries; from charitable organizations and political candidates to retailers, publishers and technical consultants. Regardless of a company's size or scope, we have succeeded in providing the highest levels of quality, creativity and integrity, and have a proven track record of meeting both budgets and deadlines.

We specialize in a number of both Web-based (Internet) as well as Traditional (print, broadcast and display) advertising activities and look forward to getting with you to discuss your specific promotional needs.

For large projects, TC Concepts incorporates a combination of inhouse activities, networking affiliations and outsourced promotional services to provide you with a comprehensive approach and the greatest flexibility for matching your existing marketing strategy to your known goals. However, we are quite comfortable in smaller roles as well, and can work with your own vendors and existing service providers in many dovetail situations.

So, whether you need a simple promotion using a single advertising entity or a full-fledged campaign utilizing a variety of media, TC Concepts can assist you in a manner that is both professional and practical.

Internet Advertising

Since 1996, our attention has been focused rather extensively on web-related marketing activities. This relatively new medium has provided TC Concepts, its partners, affiliates, and clients with promotional opportunities that are incredibly flexible and genuinely cost-effective. In addition, the inherent challenges have allowed TC Concepts to rise above the crowd by employing known marketing principles in what is often a rather chaotic promotional environment. The bottom line is that while it's true that some traditional advertising practices and "known principles" do not always lend themselves perfectly to applications on the Internet, the real key is knowing which ones, and when and how to adjust them. (For more on the advantages of using TC Concepts, please see "Some Thoughts On Choosing Your Web Presence Provider".)

This website will give you a fairly comprehensive overview of the role of TC Concepts with regard to advertising on the Internet. And though we encourage you to use the buttons in the left-hand margin for navigating to specific areas of interest, we suggest that you first take a moment to review the short sections below, particularly if you are new to Internet marketing. In fact, if you are not yet sold on the whole concept of Internet advertising through website development, you may wish to review our Top Ten Reasons to Advertise on the World Wide Web. Then you can return to this page to continue learning how TC Concepts goes about its business to assure the greatest possible results.

Types of Activity/Costs

For most people who are just getting started in web-based marketing, the multitude of options can be a bit confusing. And while many Internet Presence Providers wrap everything into package deals with little or no itemization, TC Concepts gives an actual breakdown so that its clients can see exactly what they're paying for. As a primer of sorts, we are providing the following basic list in the hope that it will give you a clearer understanding of the types of Internet-related charges that exist. We feel this "education" is not only a service in and of itself, but can also go a long way in minimizing any confusion down the road.

  • Access:  Most advertisers -- but not all -- will need to have access to the Internet in order to check their email, make changes to their sites, etc. Please note that TC Concepts is not an Access Provider. We do not have to answer to 50,000 screaming dial-up customers, nor are we forced to incorporate monthly billing into our accounting structure; which, of course, means that we are free to concentrate on our promotional responsibilities.

    The fact that you are on this page indicates that you probably already have Internet access. But for whatever reason, if you need to obtain access, you can go here for an exhaustive list of Internet Access Providers -- also referred to as Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This list is likely to include coverage for your geographical area. If you need more information on what to look for in an ISP, check out our "Picking an ISP" section posted on our greatlynx domain.

  • Production:  These are the costs involved in creating the necessary files (HTML pages, graphics, cgi scripts, etc.) that are going to sit on a server somewhere on the Internet. They are usually one-time charges and typically account for the bulk of the upfront costs involved (although updates and other site changes would also fall under this category).

  • Hosting:  This is the monthly fee for space on the server that actually houses (or hosts) the above files. The exact rate is usually determined by a number of factors associated with your particular presence. Because they are so closely tied together, we also include our domain name registration services within the hosting category, as well as some setup charges.

    While TC Concepts is proud to offer premium hosting services, we can also work with existing, third-party web hosting plans for custom production and promotion activities.

  • Promotion:  This can include everything from classified ads on an online mall, to negotiating reciprocal links, registering pages on the search engines, banner advertising, and more. It is very important to promote your site, whether you do it yourself or get someone else to handle it for you.

  • Training:  Essentially, this is for equipping you to do any and/or all of the above. In short, it usually involves some form of tutorials.
There are other areas as well, of course. And, as already mentioned, some Internet Presence Providers do not itemize the activities. Nevertheless, if you're getting it, you're paying for it. For our part, we have elected to separate the charges based on the type of activity and, in most cases, on the specific elements within each category. Since all of our work is client-specific, you can probably imagine the nightmare we would have in trying to establish a "one-size-fits-all" type of system. (NOTE: Within certain categories, we do indeed offer some package deals, as well as within some of our original forums.)

Incidentally, by separating the activity into different categories, TC Concepts is also able to provide reasonable bids for handling only part(s) of an overall project. For example, you may already have an existing website and want us to simply promote it for you. Or maybe you'd like us to train someone in your office to handle upgrades to your site. You may already have a designer and just want us to host your site. Or perhaps you just need a new logo design. Any of these functions can be accomodated easily within our itemized pricing structure. And don't forget, our team can work with any other hosting setup, whether shared, dedicated, vps, or other.

Navigating this Site

For rate information, you will need to look to the specific sections within each category. Because of the abundance of potential activities, a single section devoted to pricing would be completely impractical, if not impossible. So, please select your area of interest by clicking on the corresponding graphic in the left-hand margin area, or by choosing one of the links below.

Production  |  Hosting  |  Promotion  |  Training

The Consulting page will provide you with information regarding consulting-only services that are not automatically included with the above activities.

The Clients page contains references as well as links to some of the client-sites we've created.

And be sure to check out the Projects page for more information regarding individual TC Concepts projects and original advertising forums.

Finally, to offer feedback or request more information regarding this website or any TC Concepts activity, please use the form on our Feedback page. This is usually better than simply sending an email message, because each submission is tagged to the right party. You may also choose to contact us confidentially by using the Secure Feedback Form located on our SSL server. Of course, we still offer the ability to simply email TC Concepts as well.

Traditional Advertising

While this website is indeed devoted primarily to our Web-Based Advertising activities, TC Concepts still offers a full range of traditional advertising services, including concept creation, graphic design and layout, script writing, media selection, audio and video production, market research, analysis and consulting, fundraising, public relations, negotiation, desktop publishing, copy writing, proofreading, editing and more.

We can supply a custom bid on virtually any project you may be considering. And again, whatever your promotional needs, TC Concepts can be there in either a full or partial capacity to assist you in the effort. If you have needs in any of the above (or related) services, give us a call at 936-443-1969 or drop us a line via email.

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