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  "Without the advice and training of TC Concepts we would have been completely in the dark."

Curt Maddux, General Sales Mgr.
Conroe Golf Cars


TC Concepts offers training services for both web-based as well as traditional advertising and marketing activities. In addition to basic and advanced HTML, graphic design, digital photography, touch-up and optimization, technical troubleshooting and other web-specific functions, we can also provide your company with hands-on training in a variety of non-web applications.

As a consultant for many companies over the years, we have collected the best of what works and (in some cases even more important) what doesn't. By inviting us to share our experience with you, you can become better qualified, more productive and, by extension, more profitable.

Specific Services

Web-Based Training

Much -- if not most -- of our training activity is for equipping an existing client to perform the routine functions associated with his particular web presence and marketing strategy. In many cases, we will build the initial website, establish it on the server, and perform the bedrock promotional activity -- and then teach the client how to take it from there. Usually this involves HTML and graphics tutorials, FTP and Telnet instruction, database management, and/or a number of other site maintenance and monitoring activities. But it can also include everything from system training and configuration to online marketing.

And, of course, we don't reserve these services strictly to existing clients. All of the training activities we conduct are available to anyone who needs them. So, whether you just want to learn how to swap out your listings, produce and insert graphics, or add new products and services to your online database; or you would like to know more about how to effectively expand, enhance and market a comprehensive Internet presence, TC Concepts can help with a training program that's just right for your needs.

Non-Web Training

TC Concepts also provides individual and group training for non-web marketing activities. This can include areas associated with traditional (print, broadcast, and display media) advertising, as well as sales training, efficiency, desktop publishing and more. Also, through our network of qualified affiliates, we can usually cover just about any technical computer training you may need.

Pep Talks and Seminars

For group settings, Fred Watt, the owner of TC Concepts, is available for speaking engagements covering topics such as advertising, marketing and sales, management, business development, efficiency, and more. These talks are primarily geared toward small business groups or corporate gatherings, but can be tailored for individual settings when necessary. Below is a partial list of subject titles. Each is roughly one hour in length and can be presented individually to suit a particular need, or combined to form the backbone of a seminar or workshop.

Fred's easy-going style and occasional antics will both entertain and enlighten you and your associates as you seek to gain solid advantages in today's hectic (did someone say "insane") business and promotional environments.

Question and Answer sessions are the norm and group dynamics always play an important role. For more information and scheduling, call 936-443-1969. Or use our Feedback form to tell us about your group and request a consultation.


The broad range of activities, options, and audience possibilities places itemized training prices well beyond the scope of this page. That said, one-on-one training is usually conducted at $75/hour plus travel time and expenses. Almost everything else is bid on a per occasion basis.

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