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Barter Benefits

Bartering is a great way to save a great deal on the products and services that you need for your business or personal use. If your a product-oriented merchant (or an individual who just has something to sell), it's possible that your mark-up can be as high as 200% and more. With barter, you're able to trade dollar for dollar at your full retail price. On the one hand, this can result in sales that you never would have had otherwise. On the other hand, it can translate into tremendous savings -- paying half price (or less) for the products and services that you need. In general, it is always a good idea to barter when the opportunity presents itself and when the other party is offering something that would benefit your business or lifestyle.

Specific Needs

TC Concepts currently has a number of specific needs for which we are willing to barter our services with the right individuals and businesses. Our services can range from simple classified ads and domain name registrations to full blown secure site hosting with database-driven eCommerce applications, large-scale promotion activity, on-site training and much more! Or put another way, we have services that can range from as little as $35 to as high as $10,000 and more. [just browse this site to learn more]

Below is a list of our known needs at this time, together with brief descriptions in some cases. But don't hesitate to contact us if you have other items or services that you think might interest us.

  • Truck - We are in the market for another vehicle, preferably a used but relatively late-model (1994+) truck with extended cab (two-door model okay). The ideal vehicle would have an automatic transmission, good A/C and less than 100,000 miles. Can be either a full-size vehicle or a compact model (we still haven't made up our mind whether we want power or economy). Anyway, all of this is negotiable. If you have a vehicle and would like to barter, just use our contact form to tell us all about it (and don't forget to include the price).

    Note to dealers: We can build you a full-scale, database-driven website to post and maintain your listings, announce specials, and generally promote your business. Call today to find out more.

  • Home Improvements - We are in the process of buying a house. The good news is that it was very well built. The not-so-good news is that that was in 1940!  Needless to say, there are a number of things that we would like to have done in order to improve the investment and make it more convenient and pleasurable. Among other things, we have specific needs in the following areas:

    • Carpeting (product and/or installation)
    • Linoleum (product and/or installation)
    • Cabinetry work
    • Siding
    • Plumbing (a relatively minor fix is needed to correct a chronic rooter problem)
    • Fencing
    • Windows and screening
    • Storage unit (pre-fab or new construction)
    • Dirt work / Grading
    • Concrete Work (possibly)
    • Tree removal (possibly)
    • Other landscaping (mulch products, to be specific)
    • Playground equipment (for the kids, of course)
    • Remodeling
      • Bathroom Remodeling - This might be a relatively small job (retiling and perhaps installing a new shower unit), or a completely remodeled bathroom. If you specialize in this work, we would like to speak with you about the various needs and options.
      • Additions - At some point, we are going to be looking at adding some extra rooms. Though this would be a fairly major project, we may be willing to barter for all or part of this. This could also include various professionals for various aspects of the project (i.e., masonry, carpentry, roofing, etc.)

  • Advertising/Promotion - We are always looking to increase our own exposure through various offline advertising activities. This would include:

    • Display - Including billboards, Signs-for-Lease and Signage Companies (vinyl/coroplast)
    • Print - including both commercail printers and print media outlets (newspapers/magazines)
    • Broadcast (Radio / Television) - It is questionable whether we would want to pursue this through a barter arrangement.

  • More to Come - Stay tuned to this list for new items/services as they become needed.

Other Needs

There are certainly other areas where we would be willing to accept barter arrangements. If you have something of value and are not sure whether we would be interested, the only thing to do is ask. Just use our handy contact form to let us know about it.

We can also set up three-way deals. Suppose, for example, that you have a friend who owns an extra truck that you think would meet our needs as described above. Next, suppose that this friend could benefit by something that you have or do (and that you don't want the truck for yourself!) Finally, let's assume that you're in the market for a website for your business (or hosting, advertising services, promotion, publishing, etc.) In such a case (or a thousand other cases like it), you might consider contacting this friend (and us) and setting up a three-way barter deal. Sometimes, one or more parties will need to pitch in a little cash in order to make a three-way barter arrangement work. But when it does, three parties walk away happy with the arrangement. Everyone wins.

Contact Us

Ready to start "talking turkey"? Drop us a line here to let us know what you think. Or pick up the phone and give us a call at 936-443-1969. Let's get the ball rolling on a mutually beneficial agreement. Let's barter!

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