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Some Thoughts On Choosing Your Web Presence Provider

 A Full Service Ad Agency:  Anyone who has spent even a few hours browsing the Internet cannot help but notice the number of sites dedicated to the promotion of products and services. These are the commercial (.com) sites that make up the bulk of the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, many of these sites lack even the most basic elements of professional design and layout. Or, they do a great job in the area of presentation but fail miserably in the one area that really matters . . . selling the product! This is where TC Concepts has a decided advantage over most other Internet Presence Providers. As a full service advertising agency with a wealth of computer and graphics experience, TC Concepts brings its clients the best of both worlds. Our comprehensive list of business development services includes concept creation, design and layout, script writing, media selection, audio and video production, market research, analysis and consulting, fundraising, public relations, negotiation, copy writing, proofreading, editing, publishing and more. So, while the Internet has become a forum for every possible degree of quality and creativity, with TC Concepts, you needn't sacrifice either.

 A Full Service Web Presence Provider:  A common problem with advertising on the 'Net is the difficulty sometimes presented in obtaining exactly what you need without the risk of either a conflict in technology or a limitation on the part of the provider. Our prospective clients can rest easy knowing that TC Concepts offers the following full range of technical feasibility:   Graphic Design, Web Site Design and Layout, Digital Photography and Scanning, Basic and Advanced HTML, JAVA and JavaScript, ActiveX Programming, RealAudio, RealVideo or QuickTime Video, ftp, cgi scripting, Secure Server Service, Front Page support, Email (POP accounts) and Email Forwarding, Auto Responders, Protected Access, Statistical Logging, Domain Name Registration, Setup, Hosting, Maintenance . . . and more!

In addition, our high speed connections meet or exceed industry standards and our servers have direct connections to two major backbones! If all of this sounds like Greek to you, don't worry. You're not likely to need all of it, anyway (at least not right away). But as you learn more about the possibilities on the Internet -- and we'll help you there, too! -- you can take comfort knowing that the things you do need are in fact available.

 Variety of Advertising Options:  TC Concepts currently owns eight Internet domains (not counting client domains) and operates more than a half-dozen marketing forums. We can offer our non-domain clients anything from a simple classified ad on The Conroe Cyber Mall to a full web presence on an extension of one of our other domains, such as Greatlynx. With the technical setup of our servers (see "A Full Service Web Presence Provider", above) we can offer our domain clients a basic package with a site that they create and manage, or comprehensive service that can include any combination of consulting, registration, production, hosting, promotion and even training. We also provide a number of strictly promotional services for those who already have existing sites but wish to get more out of them. And of course we can provide purely consulting services as well; these would include such things as print media consultation, demographic polling, or even assistance with running a PR campaign. Our consulting services can assure that your company takes the right approach for reaching your target audience.

 Intelligent Search Engine Placement:  All of the benefits of a presence on the World Wide Web become trivial if your prospects never see your site. Search engines (web sites designed to help people find what they are looking for on the Internet) have complicated procedures for prioritizing their search results, and all of them operate under different systems. This is one of the most important aspects of effective web marketing, and again TC Concepts can boast of page optimization and search engine registration methods that assure the highest visibility that is practically attainable. For a nominal fee, your site can be fully optimized and registered with the seven most popular search engines on the Internet. We also offer regular search engine registration updates as well as exhaustive search engine registrations on either an as-needed basis or pre-determined shedule.

 Aggressive Promotion:  For businesses catering to a relatively limited geographical area, it becomes necessary to build a local forum. The Conroe Cyber Mall and Huntsville Cyber Mall are two examples of how to effectively fill this need. But more is needed. After all, people need to find the forum. For sites such as these, TC Concepts has adopted an aggressive non-Internet advertising policy designed to promote the particular forum. Through local print, broadcast and display media, we can assure a visitor volume that would be impossible if left to promotion via the Internet alone. TC Concepts also conducts an ongoing program of establishing appropriate remote links that direct visitors to the malls. And unlike "reciprocal links", this is not an exercise in building mere traffic. Rather, handled intelligently, this can be a powerful tool for increasing qualified traffic, thereby increasing real prospects and, by extension, sales.

 Quality and Trust:  TC Concepts has been providing advertising solutions to businesses since 1990. Our clientele have ranged from small family-run operations like J-Mar Farms, Lake Conroe Motors, Brickhouse Bridal, Hayes Technical Systems, Realtex Properties, Underwood Farms, CTS, New Millenium Capital Management, and a host of professional services and independent contractors; to organizations like the Montgomery County Jaycees, the Mineola Volunteer Fire Department and the Michael New Action Fund; to larger companies like Gullo Ford-Mercury, Oakwood Homes, Texan Harley-Davidson, ProBank, Brookshire's, HealthWorks, Pizza Hut, Blair's, and K-Mart, plus a full range of video stores, bookstores, hardware stores, auto parts outlets and more. We have also been commissioned by a number of publishers and printing companies in both graphics as well as marketing consulting capacities. In each case, the quality of our work has been second-to-none. But equally important has been our success in establishing bonds of trust that transcend the normal client-provider relationship. Of course, this often means telling a client what he doesn't want to hear. But we feel it is extremely important to always be upfront, even at the risk of losing a sale. For while it is indeed the client's place to make the decisions, we feel it is our responsibility to make sure those decisions are informed.

 Reasonable Rates:  Advertising on the Internet is one of the most cost-effective forms of business promotion available. (For a better understanding of these costs, see the TC Concepts piece entitled, "Top Ten Reasons to Advertise on the World Wide Web"). On close examination, you will see why TC Concepts is in an ideal position to offer some of the best rates in the industry. With Internet advertising, most of these charges can be classified under the following:

There are certainly other activities (training, consultation, etc.), but the three listed above are the most common. And for all three, TC Concepts maintains a position at the low end of the rate average, effectively assuring the best bang for your buck. What's more, by separating our pricing structure between our different domains, we can offer our clients a system that is directly proportional to their needs, accommodating the budgets and unique promotional requirements of virtually any business.

 We Want Your Business:  TC Concepts has built its solid reputation by always looking to the best interests of its clients. It is this consistency that accounts for our impeccable service record and growing list of satisfied customers. We would like to add you to that list and invite you to call and set up a FREE consultation to discuss your Internet presence. Call us today to discover if advertising on the World Wide Web might not be the best decision you make all year. Call TC Concepts at (936) 443-1969 or click here to send email.

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